Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have a bad habit of turning children's films into heavy material. I believe Mary Poppins is a movie about child abuse. So, it comes as no surprise that I would find something living underneath the surface of Up.

One could take the film as is. Or, as death. The point of this film is impossible. An old man moving his house, via balloons, to South America. Managing to drag it along through a forest like a parade float. A young boy who hitched a ride. A talking dog, etc.

The film is about death. The old man's wife dies at the start of the film. I believe the old man dies shortly thereafter. Instead of his wife being part of this second life he has created the house to represent her. Calls the home 'Ellie' many times throughout the film. The young boy at his side is a contemporary spitting image of the old man in his youth. An awkward nerd in search of an adventure. And, the talking dogs. Dogs are known as man's best friend. What man wouldn't want a dog that speaks?

The old man discovers a rare bird that an explorer he admired was unable to ever truly prove as real. Once again, such an unlikely stretch of the imagination. I believe children's stories hold so much more than the surface because I believe those who create for children refuse to treat them as children. Those who play with the imaginations of children know there is an ability to really grasp more.

I wouldn't say the film was overly charming, or sentimental, or imaginative. But, it was something different for a short time.


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