Monday, March 29, 2010

8 bit Heart, Simon Curtis

Is Simon Curtis the nerd/geek double of Justin Timberlake? Maybe. If J.T. created all his music from his basement and thought robots were cool. There is something charming about Curtis’ desire to be the geek he truly is while singing alongside danceable beats.

The best track on the album, “Beat Drop,” is pure Kesha meets geek pop. In fact, I would imagine Curtis wants to be the male Lady Gaga. The CD opens the same way Gaga starts her shows… with a monotone voice speaking in a brain washing sort of style. I am certainly not trying to suggest his style/voice/lyrics come anywhere near the greatness of Lady Gaga. This is purely a fan with the desire to create what he enjoys.

There is nothing wrong with the CD. In fact, it is a free CD (download here: So, everything is right about this CD. A few songs are real catchy, a lot of fun, and perfect to add to a dance mix. And, how can I not love a pop song that samples from one of the creepiest children’s movies of the ‘80s, The Dark Crystal?

Pure dance geek pleasure.


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