Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black Noise, Pantha Du Prince

BEST OF 2010

How many albums make you want to dance and dream at the same time? Shoe gazing, star gazing, drugged up off in space gazing. This album is just an incredible escape into sound. Most of the songs have this slow build up of a beat. The softest start and the most lovely finish.

One could say there is a hint of Animal Collective to the music. And, one would be kind of right. Panda Bear guests on 'Stick To My Side.' There are very few vocals on the album.

Once I hated albums without vocals (minus Broken Social Scenes first release, of course). This year, I have found myself drawn to the lack of voice. This idea of speaking without word. Something to the level Bjork attempted with her throat noise album Medulla.

This is the album Four Tet could only dream of releasing.


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