Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dagger Paths, Forest Swords

BEST OF 2010

I won't lie, I based the downloading of this album on the cover. The website I downloaded this from had very little information on the band. In fact, very little meaning none. And, I attempted to do some searching on my own... only to find a few songs on YouTube. Nothing to tell me of the band's past.

The songs are beautiful. Instrumental, primal, brooding, mysterious. Some of the songs have an anxious build up. As if taken from the scene of a scary movie. Other songs have a beautiful movie score element. The likes of Ennio Morricone.

Then, there are the comparisons to Fout Tet... Animal Collective... Memory Tapes, even. This instrumental lo-fi dub meets slow burn folk.

Despite all these comfortable comparisions, the album is still something wholly fresh and welcoming. You can check out "videos" for Miarches and Glory Gongs on YouTube. Or, and not to sound too emo, check out their myspace page.


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