Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Girl With Glass Feet, Ali Shaw

Was it envy which drew me to this novel? The author was born in 1982, as was I. The author worked in a bookstore, as did I. The author has a degree in English Literature, as do I. The author works in a library, as do I. The author has published his first novel...

I am often curious about the writing of others in my age range. Often times authors are older. Rarely are they younger. Something happens in your 30s. This is the age of many published authors... thirty and above. But, someone so 'young.' What does he have to say?

There is something fresh, orginial, and familiar in this text. A fairy tale of sorts. But, not a Disney fairy tale. A Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Something dark and mischevious. The slightest amount of hope and romance lingering along the edges.

Due to school work, I only read half of this novel. After a two week break I went to pick the novel back up, but realized I would need to start over. So, for a bit, the book has been placed aside. But, I look forward to returning.

First half: B+

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