Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Genuine Negro Jig, Carolina Chocolate Drops

What if the 1930's banjo music never went away? And then it mixed with the contemporary issues of a whole new decade? Genuine Negro Jig would most likely be your answer. This is the bands third release, but my first experience with their music.

At times, the lyrics are a bit superficial. Trying too hard to still hold onto an old world feel. At other times, the music a little too "world music" sounding. And, I hate nothing more than "world music." But, overall the mood is upbeat and original. Kissin' and Cussin' is the darkest song on the album. Possibly the strongest, too.

After I first listened to the album it made me think it could be a new soundtrack for Steven Martin's The Jerk. The mix of African-American bluegrass banjo blues and soul.

This album is very different from anything I've encountered this year.


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