Thursday, March 4, 2010

July Flame, Laura Veirs

Ever since I heard Veirs' 'Rapture' off of her 3rd release, Carbon Glacier, I have been a fan of her quirky lyrics and folky guitar strums. "Do you blame Monet? His gardens in Giverny he captured..." How can one not fall in love with these lyrics?

The follow up album, Year of Meteors, suffered from a bit of a rut. A mix of recycled and bland. It didn't help I had seen her opening for Sufjan Stevens and found her stage presence to be rude, unwelcoming, and downright superior acting. It took me a few listens of the songs I love by her to really come to terms with sometimes you have to separate the art from the artist.

On her fifth release, July Flame, Veirs is showing she is a strong song writer. A lot of the quirkiness has been erased. The lyrics are slightly darker. There is a maturity, a sadness, a longing in Veirs voice. It was always there, but is stronger on this release. The music compositions are similar to earlier releases, but also a lot darker, heavier.


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