Friday, March 26, 2010

New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, Erykah Badu

BEST OF 2010

I have followed Erykah Badu since her first album. I have never been one to follow R&B, etc. But, something in the soul of Badu has always appealed to me. She has never played stupid. She has never turned herself into anyone other than Ms. Badu. She is the high priestess.

Her new album is part two of a three part series. The first installment, 4th World War, is an angry outcry. The music is unsettling. Badu at war with herself, her beliefs, and her world. It isn't a bad album, but it isn't always easy to listen to without feeling depressed, pained, or angry.

Return of the Ankh is a fantastic blending of Baduizm and Mama's Gun. A lovely psychedlic R&B orgasm. The music just makes your body bounce. A little smile in the corner of the mouth. Badu is being playful. She's being sexy. She's a silly poet with an incredible mind.

I adore the harps on 'Incense' and the drawn out groove of 'Out of my Mind, Just in Time.' An artist who has yet to disappoint. This is one of those albums I'll be listening to for many years.


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