Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2

What a huge success. How do you follow up an incredible series and a depressing, mediocre movie? In the case of Sex & the City 2, you go back to the original formula. Raunchy, fun, and over the top. Nothing about this sequel is small. It was originally discussed money problems would be an issue in the film. And while issues with the economy are mentioned here and there, it never takes control of the film.

The film is long. Only once feeling long. I think it best to think of the film as 5 episodes. This is where the first film failed a bit. The first film was so heavy and flowed from one issue to the next. Resulting in a film feel instead of the feeling one received when watching the series. I think of the film divided into the following 'episodes:' Gay Wedding, The Movie Premiere, The Anniversary Gift, and Abu Dhabi pt.1 & pt.2 .

The women look older. In fact, more beautiful than ever before. Samantha's character has fully evolved into a woman of strength and weakness. She is the perfect ying and yang. And, I will go so far to say I finally see the beauty in Charlotte York. After years of hating her plain jane appearance, it was nice to finally see her beauty.

My biggest complaint going into the film was the trip to Abu Dhabi. I couldn't understand why a film about women and sex would travel to a place with laws against women and sexuality. But, by the films end, I see these issues are attacked. The film seems to make you understand while it may be beautiful to look at, there are many issues right under the beautiful surface. At times, the film pushes against Abu Dhabi too much (the silly 'I Am Woman' sing along) and other times it is spot on (Samantha throwing condoms at a group of men).

My favorite part of the film is how it handles love. A series created to show all the different ways to love and be loved. Carrie was now in a situation where she no longer had to create 'new love,' but she needed to carry on her love. The film speaks about rules in relationships. How society can't be in charge of how we manage our love. If anything, this may be the strongest message to come out of the Sex and the City series.

The film is light, slapstick sentimentalism. A great summer feel good movie. To have the women back with fresh stories is all I needed... but, this time around they went above and beyond my expectations.


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