Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Treats, Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells is being hailed as the new "it" band for 2010. So, no matter how much you like them or dislike them... chances are, you're going to say 'they're pretty good.' Sadly, I almost fall into that "pretty good" compliment. But, for me, there tends to be a little something lacking in Sleigh Bells sounds.

The album is best described as noise pop. Something akin to the sounds of a few of the M.I.A. leaked tracks (and, from a couple of her older tracks). The voices seem to be more about sound and less about purpose. There is nothing wrong with this want for an album. In fact, there is almost something original going on in Treats. Many bands have sampled the aggressive, beating sound of many of the songs on Treats, but most of those bands just sprinkle a little here and there. Sleigh Bells goes the whole way.

Sleigh Bells can best be described as a messier, less interesting Crystal Castles. They want to make you move, but I'm not so sure they know how to move... much less know how to make me move. The music is a bit too catchy, too gimicky, too needy for your attention. Is this good or bad? I'm not sure. Many pop/rock/indie bands have survived on a need for taking your attention. If it were just a few tracks, an EP, I think I'd be more interested. Too much of a mediocre thing is just mediocre.


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