Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forgiveness Rock Record, Broken Social Scene

It is hard for me to write a review of Broken Social Scene. The band, and their albums, have represented a very rough time in my life. I discovered them during a very removed stage in my life. And, they’ve always been there when I begin to feel that way again. The band is the closest thing to existential music I have been able to find.

Broken Social Scene represents a generation. A lost, fucked up, disorganized generation of peoples just trying to get their shit together enough to be presentable. Their songs express this and the band members live this. Their first album, FeelGoodLost, is an instrumental meditation. The second album, You Forgot It In People, is the existential manifesto. The third album, Broken Social Scene, is a disorganized dream of everything.

The fourth album, their newest album, is Forgiveness Rock Record. Has the band actually pulled their shit together? Are they just putting on the show we all put on? And, why do they feel the need to do this? The hardest part for me in reviewing the band, and the new album, is that I have high standards for them and I can’t be too hard on them.

But, somehow they got a little too far away from the original plan. The album is mostly made up of hopeful meditations. Beautiful lyrics. Lovely vocals. Music that lacks the Dada-ist movements of earlier work. They’ve turned into adults. They’ve found the answers. They’re no longer feeling good lost. And now I am the one even more lost.

The album highlight is ‘Forced to Love.’ The only song on the album that really seems to remember the ache of the lost cause love affair.


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