Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hippies, Harlem

What if the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were made of snot nosed hipsters? Ok. Maybe the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were made up of snot nosed hipsters (at least The Beatles). I think that best describes the sound of Harlem. There is an old fashioned rock n roll to their music. A garage band, dirty, sock hop style theme running throughout much of the album.

The first few times I listed to the album, I thought it more background. Pretty boring and mostly simple. I played it as background music on two different nights I had friends over. Each night someone made a comment about the band. The background music was no longer just background. It was drawing attention. So, I decided to take a closer listen.

The lyrics aren't incredible. And, as I said, the music isn't revolutionary. But, there is something very comforting in the two combined. The band is a very solid band. The songs very short, hip shaking beats.

My favorite songs: 'Someday Soon,' 'Poolside,' and 'Be Your Baby.'

This is the album She & Him could make if they weren't so concerned about pleasing your grandparents.

I may eventually regret making the album a Best Of... But, as I said, it is catchy. It is clever. It is fun.



  1. you should have an option where your readers get to pick something for you to review and you have to review it. well you dont have to but you could. that would be pretty sweet.

  2. Well, Anon, I'm not sure how I would set up blogger to allow for suggestions. But, feel free to put a suggestion in the comments field... if i can get a hold of it, I'll try and review it.

  3. (500) days of summer!

  4. Consider it taken care of by the end of the week. I've seen it once before and would like to see it again.