Tuesday, May 11, 2010


How much is too much? In two hours this film manages to cover race, women's right, sexuality, animal rights, slavery, abortion, love, lust, poetry, humanity. Human cruelty and weakness are central to this film. One of the harshest films I have seen in the past year. The reality of these characters and their actions is most times painful.

I wasn't sure if I was too worn out by the emotional complexity of the end or if the film starts to get a little out of control. But, other than a small twist of the end this is a very strong film. John Malkovich finally shows off his true acting talents. So many of his roles portray him as goofy, insane character actor. Disgrace places Malkovich as a main character in the middle of a complete nightmare.

Can we run from one painful piece of the past into an even more painful present? Is violence never ending? Is hate just a circle?

Many of the scenes come across as photographs. Such beautifully shot single scenes. A cinematographic dreamscape. Peaceful postures of everyday objects spread across the horrid terrain of a world of hatred. It is difficult to write a review of the film and not reveal so much of the content. From the film's description, I thought I was in for a sordid romance film gone wrong. But, that is all within the first 30 minutes. Things really fall apart as the father and daughter characters begin to cohabitate (non-sexually).


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