Thursday, May 13, 2010

East of Eden: Part One, John Steinbeck

[I am planning to read two big novels this summer. East of Eden and War and Peace. As a way to keep myself on track, I'm going to use this blog as a check in once a week or every 100 pages. As a way to keep myself motivated.]

The only Steinbeck novel I have ever read was Of Mice and Men. A simple story. Simple in style, prose, and plot. Therefore, I never thought of Steinbeck as such a great character in the literary world. I was wrong to dismiss him based on a single novel.

Steinbeck's prose is incredible. When writing about landscape he is the strongest. He has a way of really capturing the beauty of nature. The natural world is so significant a part in East of Eden. The landscape is the background for this novel.

Much of East of Eden is harsh. There is a raw, angry spirit at play. The tale of brothers at battle. Currently, the two brothers aren't even the main characters. But, Steinbeck is showing us the cycle.

Cathy, Catherine or Kate, is an evil soul. She slithers up to Adam's doorstep like a snake in the Garden of Eden. Her past is colorful, dramatic, and complicated. She is a great addition to an already interesting cast.


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