Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shutter Island, Dennis Lehane

It is rare that I read something I would consider "pop" literature. To me, pop literature is not only the popular fiction, but the type of fiction that acts as a blanket. The type of fiction most anyone can pick up and find a relationship with. The type of fiction you can read, your mother can read, and even a grandparent can read. I place John Grisham, Sue Grafton, Stephen King, etc. in this category.

There is a time and place for this type of fiction. And, I had forgotten the joy of a quick read which fully requires you devour in a few sittings. Shutter Island was one of those novels. Equal parts Grisham and King, I was reminded of a much younger period in my reading history.

Shutter Island has many surprises. I thought I was following along pretty closely. I even figured out 1/3 of the final surprise. But, there was still so much to discover.

Something has to be said for an author capable of requiring your full attention for three days.


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