Sunday, February 14, 2010

House of 1000 Corpses

I have seen this film many times. The first time I was disappointed. Then, a few years later, I re-watched it to prepare for the sequel The Devil's Rejects. Upon the second viewing, I was more intrigued by the film. Now, after seeing all of Rob Zombie's films, it was nice to return to his directorial debut late last night.

The styles Zombie uses in later films are briefly on show in this film. There is the glimpse of what is to come. This film is very much a remake, a respectable nod to films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. It isn't until the last 30 minutes that Zombie really creates his own film.

Zombie's use of music may be one of the highlights of this film. Songs one would never really relate with "shivers down the spine" are created anew with scenes of gore and revenge. The shivers aren't just from fear, but from the recognition of a sick sort of genius at work.

I look forward to watching the sequel very soon.


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