Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heartland, Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett's previous two albums were released under the name Final Fantasy. Heartland is the first album released under Pallett's own name. A rebirth of sorts? Not quite. In fact, more a melding of the two previous albums.

I will forever believe Pallet's first album, Has A Good Home, is a simple masterpiece of the past decade. His second release, He Poos Clouds, a bit of a cluttered, bare, less emotional album. Now, with Heartland, I feel Pallett has met himself smack in the middle. Somewhere I'd call an emotional clutter.

The album starts off quite slow, but beautiful. It isn't until track 7 (Oh Heartland, Up Yours!) that the album really begins to pick up. The following three tracks (tracks 8, 9, and 10) are all very strong tracks. Those before 7 and after 10 are slightly more background. As if those four tracks rest as an island between crashing waves.


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