Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stars: November 23rd, 2010: Newport/Southgate House

Opening Act: Geographer

Stars Set List:

(Not in correct order and may be missing a song or two)

1. He Dreams He's Awake
2. Elevator Love Song
3. Wasted Daylight
4. The Passenger
5. The Comeback
6. Dead Hearts
7. Ageless Beauty (Amy Millan solo/acoustic)
8. Time Can Never Kill the True Heart (Amy Millan & Torquil Campbell/acoustic)
9. I Died So I Could Haunt You
10. Fixed
11. The Woods
12. We Don't Want Your Body
13. Set Yourself on Fire
14. Take Me to the Riot
15. Your Ex Lover is Dead
16. One More Night
17. Celebration Guns (Amy Millan/acoustic)
18. Reunion
19. How Much More
20. Changes

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