Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Body Talk, Robyn

Throughout the year, Robyn has released two EPs. Both EPs being called Body Talk, pt. 1 and Body Talk, pt. 2. The purpose of these EPs was for her listening audience to experience her in the works album, Body Talk. The plan was to take songs from the first two EPs, add a few new songs, and release her full length album, Body Talk. At last, the finale of this musical experiment has come to an end.

The full length Body Talk is a strong release. After Body Talk, pt. 2 I wasn't sure how she could top the album. And, to be honest, she hasn't topped pt. 2. Body Talk, pt. 2 was just perfect from start to finish. On the full length album, Robyn reintroduces us to songs we've already heard over and over again. The fresh excitement of the songs is lost a little. And, relistening to songs from Body Talk, pt. 1 isn't quite on my list of things I wanted to do. Much of that album was just so-so for me.

Of the new songs, Robyn is still putting on a very good show. 'Call Your Girlfriend' is probably my favorite of the new batch. There is just something so catchy and honest about the song. I was hooked from the very start. It is a sad song, but a pleasing song at the same time. 'Time Machine' is fun, but not a great song. The lyrics are a little silly and shallow. But, not all pop music is meant to be touching or expressive. 'Stars 4 Ever' is my least favorite of the new songs. So boring and unnecessary. I can't imagine I'll be sitting through too many listens of this song. And, I'm happy to find it is the closing track.

The last of the "new" songs, a popped up version of 'Indestructible.' Now, this is going to be rare for me... but, I actually prefer the strings version of this song. I feel is carries so much more weight. I enjoy the track on the full length album, too. It is something for a more upbeat evening.

Of the three releases, I still find Body Talk, pt. 2 to be the strongest. But, it was nice for Robyn to show us her take on the "making of an album." We were able to see all the tracks created, and then see the final track listing. It was a fun, and successful, experiment.


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