Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Voluspa, The Golden Filter

My attention was brought to this band via the iamamiwhoami viral videos on YouTube. For a period of time, I really wanted those videos to be connected to this band. The lead singers look, the bands sound, the upcoming release of the album... but, in time it was revealed The Golden Filter were not a part of the mystery.

Instead, I found a lovely new band. The Golden Filter don't really stand out as an incredibly diverse band with something new to offer. But, they have a lot of what I like. Beautiful vocals, mellow sounds, and intriguing lyrics. Anyone willing to reference Bataille's The Story of the Eye gets a big thumbs up in my nerd literary opinion.

There is a lot of Goldfrapp going on throughout the album. Not so much that you feel as though they've ripped the band off, but enough to make you feel comfortable with the similarities. I will go so far as to say Voluspa achieves what most Goldfrapp albums don't... it is consistently good. Whereas I find myself bored with a few Goldfrapp songs per each album, The Golden Filter remain wonderful throughout each track.

This is a step beneath pop music. There is a purpose beyond ear candy. This is a step above lounge music. There is more intention in each lyric. This is a band interested in a few styles and willing to try them all out during each song. A very impressive first album.


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