Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up in the Air

When I asked people if they enjoyed the film, I usually get a response of ‘it was good’ or ‘George Clooney was being George Clooney.’ Since I would never call myself a fan of Clooney’s I don’t really know what this response means. Positive or negative? Or, why it has any effect on the film. After watching the film, I still don’t know what the response means, but I remember my fondness for George Clooney the actor.

Up in the Air isn’t a simple film. There are many elements at play. Family dynamic is far in the background. Economic hard times is pretty relevant. Technology as a tool for tearing people apart is bigger than it may be intended. And, of course, the way we can try to build walls and run away. Always ending up running into someone or some other situation.

Some people feel this is a comedy. If anything, a dark comedy. But, mostly, a drama. A film about escape and discovery. Technology as a tool for advancement and a weapon of mass destruction. The way we learn to distance ourselves from people in our lives while appearing fully engaged.

Well acted, well plotted, and well told. When the character of Ryan states ‘I’m lonely’ as Alex walks away it was exactly what needed to be said. The way we mean the things we laugh about.


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