Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Museum of Accidents, Rachel Zucker

In honor of National Poetry Month I ordered a few random collections of poetry through the library. I thought I might discover a new poet. A fresh voice. Mostly, I found poets that seemed too familiar and not quite original enough.

Except for Rachel Zucker. Yes, her style is similar to D.A. Powell. Yes, she seems to write in the voice of Jorie Graham and Sharon Olds. Yes, she is inspired by a bit of Ginsberg. Alright, so maybe 'original' isn't the best word for Zucker. But, there is something exciting within the text.

My favorite poem from the collection, 'What Dark Thing,' contains some of the most wonderful lines of poetry I've read in awhile... People have believed in God so long it must truly be/ epidemic, this loneliness and she asks What dark thing, love, have you done to me?

The collection is filled with thoughts about motherhood. A topic I wouldn't normally be interested by or even enjoy. But, Zucker writes about children and motherhood from a distanced view. Almost as if she is just taking part in something that happened... babies aren't for company/ only make you a mother.

There is a lot of humor throughout the poetry. Typically, humor does not draw my attention. But, this is smart humor ("Nice Arse Poetic").


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