Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Modern Thrills, Tesla Boy

In past years, bands and artists have been all about creating the perfect "sounds-like the 80s" style. This year appears to be the year of "get it as close to the 80s sound as possible." First, Zola Jesus released her beautiful goth 80s album. Now, Tesla Boy is doing the same. But, not quite as dark as Zola Jesus. Tesla Boy is going for a poppier, electro-disco 80s sound. And, while it isn't the strongest album released this year, it goes a long way towards being one of the catchiest.

My first listen to Modern Thrills reminded me of listening to the first Cut Copy album, Bright Like Neon. All the catchy, 80s sounds are present. The dance party beats are all over. And, the lyrics are a lot of fun. Nothing too heavy, but never silly. This isn't pop music for the purpose of pop music. This is an album created with the need to express.

There is a hint of Calvin Harris from time to time. It's hard to point out where, or what song. But, there are moments I am reminded of Calvin Harris' 'Acceptable in the 80s' mostly. Other elements exist, too.

I was shocked, when looking into information on the band, to discover the band was Russian. I would have assume British (with their Joy Division accent) or Canadian (with the Patrick Wolf and Diamond Rings glam), but I never would have assumed Russian (I hate to admit my mind goes to T.A.T.U., and it shouldn't!).

I don't have a whole lot to say. It's a fun album. Not fresh, but plenty refreshing.


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