Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stridulum, Zola Jesus

BEST OF 2010

On March 9th, Zola Jesus released a 6-song EP named Stridulum. On August 31st, Zola Jesus released the full length album Stridulum II. The difference? The full length album contains three more songs than the EP. The order of the first six songs remains the same. In fact, I can't find a difference in the production of the EP and the full length. But, there is one difference... those last three songs on the full length make a difference. I am going to review the EP a I find it to be the stronger of the two releases.

In typical fashion, I can't review an album without finding other artists to compare to the reviewed artist. In the case of Zola Jesus, there are many female singers to pick and choose. But, I'll focus on three. Much of the mood and vocal of the Zola Jesus album resembles the beautiful song 'Daniel' by Bat for Lashes. I am not a Bat for Lashes fan. But, 'Daniel' is an incredible song. The two other artists Zola Jesus compares to... Siouxsie and Kate Bush. There is an 80s goth glam to the entire album.

Many of the songs off the EP deal with similar themes. And, these themes are nothing new or revolutionary. This is basic pop music with a flare for the dramatics and the 80s. So, how could I not fall in love with these songs?

And, what a name. I know I should not base a review on band name... but, Zola and Jesus. The beauty and perfection of this name. Perhaps, the literary nerd in me is geeking out for no reason. Oh well.

In looking back over Zola Jesus' history, I found an album released in 2009, The Spoils. There is promise to this earlier release. The production is pretty lo-fi. It isn't the album one seeks out as much as just adds to their collection.


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