Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forget, Twin Shadow

BEST OF 2010

I will always be a child of the '80s. Born in the '80s, music wise I am probably more a child of the '90s. But, who would want to admit to such a thing?

Twin Shadow is very much a New Wave inspired artist. Forget is the quintessential survey of New Wave pop sounds. From the start of the album I am reminded of my many nights of dancing to 80s music. This is a time I will always look back on very happily. And, having lost this period of time (because people just don't get 80s music anymore), it is nice to experience the sounds of Twin Shadow.

I hesitated to list this album as a Best of 2010 because it isn't quite new. But, it isn't quite recycled either. While many bands have made use of New Wave sounds over the past few years, Twin Shadow seems to be improving upon the sound. Also, Twin Shadow seems to admire instead of trying to follow a gimmick.

"I Can't Wait" is the perfect summer song. In being the perfect summer song, it may be my winter song. The song I listen to for the next five months while I wait for the heat to return. For the snow to melt. And for the free for all dance nights to restart. Until then, I have "I Can't Wait."

There are moments on this album when I am reminded of The Smiths. The lyrics aren't quite as poetic. The music isn't quite as authentic. But, the voice. The way the singer captures the era. I can think of no better comparison for a current album than The Smiths.


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