Monday, September 6, 2010

True Blood: Season Two

Ok, so it is addictive. And, really trashy. The acting remains bad. The stories remain silly. But, for some reason, once you start the series... it just snowballs into another episode into another into another.

The series is already headed where I knew it would. After the first season of clever ideas and unique plots, the show is losing steam. The main story line seems a bit weak. Drawn out too long. I enjoyed the story of MaryAnn. I love the idea of the partying, the drugs, drinking, dancing. I loved the power she had. I enjoyed her philosophy on life as a way to live to the extreme. To stop worrying about the silly stresses. And, I love the actress Michelle Forbes (In Treatment: Season One). But, her story moved slowly. Very little happened over the span of 12 episodes.

Jason Stackhouse's character finally became a little interesting. His search for understanding leads him to a right wing religious cult of sorts. And, to see Jason cope with the process and come out a better person at the end... showed some real development in a character I thought was only around for sex appeal.

Lafayette's story line disappears almost altogether. The character's trauma is only hinted at from time to time. But, I guess I'm asking too much of a series that exists purely for fun... I hope. Again, I find myself in the same situation I was after the first season. Am I supposed to take any of this seriously? Or, am I just to enjoy beautiful people acting fools?

Certainly addicting. Certainly a guilty pleasure.


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