Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penny Sparkle, Blonde Redhead

Since my last post I have been wanting to write a review of the new Blonde Redhead album. Never getting around to actually post. And, honestly, never getting around to listen to the entire album in a full sitting. I struggle to review albums I only hear piece by piece. Already a bad sign for the review... I just couldn't find the interest in sitting down for the full length of the album. I still haven't had that sit.

There are two Blonde Redhead albums which I adore: Melody of a Certain Damaged Lemon and Fake Can Be Just As Good. There are two Blonde Redhead albums which I enjoy from time to time: Misery Is A Butterfly and 23. For the most part, and obviously in my opinion, these are the only albums you really need to understand Blonde Redhead.

Most of their last few albums sound a lot alike. Most of their first few albums sound a lot alike. There was a shift in the middle. A good shift? No. A bad shift? No. Just a single shift. Something different. But, nothing that would alienate any of the listeners.

I have always thought of Blonde Redhead as the less interesting Bjork. A feminine version of Radiohead (yes, Blonde Redhead is male and female vocals, I am talking musically). It is unfair to compare a band to such artists. Impossible to live up to their standards. And, realistically, I have never put them in comparison. Only something I've noticed.

On their most recent release, Penny Sparkle, I find myself lulled to sleep. A little too distracted. This album may be too quiet. Too removed from my interest. This is the album for background music at very matured dinner parties. For music when the family comes over.

This all sounds a little too negative. The album isn't bad. It isn't awful. It just kind of exists in this middle ground. Not the worst place to live.


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