Friday, July 2, 2010

Mixtape: 2010: One

Every year I make a 'Best of...' year end CD collecting my favorite songs from my favorite albums. Throughout the year I make CDs containing favorite songs as a way to keep myself reminded of my favorites.

2010, pt. 1 -

1. This Familiar Way, Nina Nastasia
2. Children of the Grounds, Midlake
3. Good Intentions Paving Company, Joanna Newsom
4. Hidden Lakes, Shearwater
5. Heaven Can Wait, Charlotte Gainsbourg
6. Window Seat, Erykah Badu
7. Bohemian Forest, Pantha du Prince
8. Visits, Forest Swords
9. Conversation 16, The National
10. We Don't Want Your Body, The Stars
11. Baptism, Crystal Castles
12. 4th of July, Kelis


  1. Started last year making a playlist in Itunes of my favorite tunes of the year so by year's end i have everything I've added to that mix over the year. It's kinda fun. Is the new Charlotte Gainsbourg album good?

  2. this cd is the only thing that kept me from losing it during a one hour dead stop on 75N 30 miles from home. thank you!