Thursday, July 22, 2010


I start to wonder when the "gimmick" movie is going to run its course. But, for Christopher Nolan, maybe the gimmick movie is all he can create. Memento is one of the biggest gimmick movies in recent memory. And, what is Batman if not a gimmick? Once again, Nolan presents a film under the guise of something new, unique, and interesting. But, is Inception any of those things?

It is easy to go straight to Eternal Sunshine of the Mind when watching this film. A group of wayward thieves escaping into the minds of those who pay money to be tampered with. And, then there is the love story at the films center. This is the most interesting portion of the film. The way Dom refuses to let Mal out of his memory, of his dreams.

And, Shutter Island. Leonardo Dicaprio washes up on a beach, bloated and out of sorts. He is haunted by the image of his children. Of a wife. Did he kill her? Didn't he? What is the twist?

There are shots, moments which remind me of 2001: A Space Odyssey (Cillian Murphy at his father's death bed in the closing scenes), 2046 (the removed, confused element of relationships), and The Matrix (Joseph Gordon-Levitt's fight scene in the hotel hallway). Was there all that much originality in the film?

I have never been a fan of action films. At the end of the day, Inception is truly an action film. A series of explosions, car chases, and too much gun play. After awhile it becomes too much. My entire being feels assaulted by the lack of reality and purpose in the over the top action. We get it, Mr. Nolan, you had quite a budget.

I would place this film in the same pile I place Sunshine. Decent for a first viewing. Mostly exhausting. But, why return other than to get angry all over again?


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