Wednesday, January 12, 2011

127 Hours (Danny Boyle) - 2010

I hesitate to write my response to this film for fear of coming off as too insensitive. I understand the events of this story are based on a real life event. And I accept the situation is quite impressive. This is very much a survival story in every sense of the word. Many people love a good story of survival. They enjoy the films that seem to imply miracles really do happen every day. But, I am not one of these people. I do not see the miracle of this film or the moral of this event.

The main character, Aron (played by James Franco), is a bit of a jerk. His arrogance and desire to push himself a little further gets on my nerves. Aron is the type of guy I despised in high school and the type of guy I refuse to acknowledge when we're in the same room. I'm not impressed, or interested, in stories of rock climbing/mountain biking/camping. These are individual events. Keep them to yourself.

So, why does Danny Boyle think anyone is interested in 96 minutes of this man's life?
My guess... because Danny Boyle is a sucker for a Hallmark story dressed up in a Hollywood suit. What was Slumdog Millionaire if not a feel good, over the top, unrealistic experiment in sentimentality? So, why not follow up your biggest hit with something that is really going to bring in the masses? A film that appeals to your parents (Oprah loves this shit), to your friends (James Franco is just the sexiest), and to film buffs (Danny Boyle used to know how to make a decent film).

There are many times in the film I felt as if I was watching an MTV movie. The music becomes so distracting. The camera work so unnecessarily gimmicky. And, the plot so thin it could have been carved through faster than Aron's arm. Where is the experience of a film in 127 Hours? Because I missed it if it exists within this film. The only perk to this film is Franco's performance. And, honestly, not even Franco's acting is enough to really give this film merit.

When I first heard about this film, when I first saw previews for this film... I figured there was no way I would sit through the movie. When I was given the chance to see the film for free (and there was nothing else to watch), I decided I might as well give Danny Boyle a third chance (after Sunshine and Slumdog Millionaire). Well, strike three and you're out, Mr. Boyle. When you decide to find your way back to the playful and bleak films (ie, Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, 28 Days Later), I might tune back in. But, as long as you continue to suck the dick of Hollywood and their disatourous attempts at "art house directors as success stories" I will be sure to tune out.


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