Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strange Weather Isn't It?, !!!

There is only so much I can say about this album. So, this will be a short review. I first discovered !!! (usually pronounced chk-chk-chk) when Myth Takes was released in 2007. The album was fantastic. An amazing dance pop album. Not too dancy, not too poppy. Just a wonderful blend of moves. And, quite silly. The lyrics were fun. There was a sense of complete freedom in their sound. A who-gives-a-fuck attitude.

I saw them on tour twice during the Myth Takes tour. The first concert was a shock to my system. A small room filled with young kids (16 – 18) dancing around with complete abandon. It wasn’t quite the concert I had expected. And, most importantly, it wasn’t the crowd I expected. I am a huge fan of dancing… in fact, nothing makes me happier than dancing. But, that night, the crowd turned me off. It made me wonder if I was missing something about !!!.

On their newest album Strange Weather, Isn’t It? I find myself questioning the entire sound all over again. The band has mellowed. They still want to dance… but, they want it to be a little less sweatier. They want it to be slower. They have matured. And, I’m not sure how this leaves the band. The silliness, the freedom, the fun… kind of doesn’t work for a maturing band.

There are a handful of songs I love on this album. ‘The Most Certain Sure’ and ‘The Hammer’ are classic !!!. And, honestly, it is a good album. But it lacks the energy of Myth Takes. And, when you just want something light and fun… who needs maturity?


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