Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teen Dream, Beach House

I think to their first two albums while listening to this album. The first two sounded so similar. In fact, there are times I forget there are two... they melt as one long, double release. The voice is still so similar. A ghost down the hallway mood of Victoria's voice.

The compositions are slightly more complex. Verging on experimental. At the same time sounding out of touch, out of focus, and from decades past. There is something learned in the sounds of the third Beach House release.

The album is released with a DVD. The DVD contains a music video for each song. Each video from a different director. This is too much gimmick. I haven't found the time to watch the videos. Not sure when I'll have interest in said DVD. This is too much a pull away from the album itself. The sounds and the lyrics.

Despite the change, Beach House is still a little bit lost in their own minds. They never quite express their thoughts beyond themselves. Nothing is wrong with personal art. But, after three albums... I would have liked to be let in a little.


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